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Dr. Della Summers

I’ve been a resident of Kamloops BC for 10 years. Prior to that, I had my own practice in Saskatoon, SK for 25 years. Graduated from University of Saskatchewan in 1983. Acted as a clinical supervisor at U of S for 5 years. Love dentistry, and wish I was just starting, with all of the advancements…it’s exciting to give patients their function back, and the smile of a lifetime! I’m married; and have been an advocate for animal rescue for years; I’ve worked with Special Olympics, I’ve gotten so much out of it… My goal with patients is to take the fear out of dentistry…communicate, and have them realize that I’m just a person there to help them; not one to be feared! We educate, inform, and allow patients to make their own decisions about their oral health.

I believe that the kindest thing we can do for our patients is to make them as comfortable as possible while in our care. I’m all about informing patients each step of the way, and try to never leave them alone, wondering “what’s next?”

The best compliment I can receive from a patient is when they say, “I feel like I was visiting my friends, rather than a dentist!” We work very hard to make that happen, as most people are fairly stressed when they come to the dental office.

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