Cleanings & Prevention

Preventive Dental Care in Kamloops 

At the Kamloops practice of Dr. Della Summers Dental Solutions, our experienced general dentist, Dr. Della Summers, along with her trusted team, provide compassionate preventive dentistry throughout the British Columbia providences. Our team focuses on the individual needs of our patients and dedicates their years of knowledge to promoting long-lasting oral health for all ages.

As part of every visit, our Kamloops dentists provide comprehensive, gentle examinations, cleanings, and preventive dental care services. Consider Dr. Della Summers Dental Solutions to help you and your loved ones achieve beautiful, healthy smiles that can contribute to improved quality of life.

The Significance of Prevention

Dr. Summers works closely with every patient to establish trust through strong communication. This helps us to properly educate patients on ideal oral hygiene and exercise precaution on everyday habits that could impact their smile in between visits. Many individuals do not know the close connection between oral and overall health. Our team takes the time to discuss the significance of proactive dental care and what each patient can do to help contribute to a healthy dental environment.

When a strong oral hygiene routine is established, not only are you greatly helping maintain healthy teeth and gums, you are also contributing to long-lasting dental function and beauty. Daily brushing and flossing, along with staying diligent with your bi-annual dental visits, helps prevent against the development of severe oral health issues such as gum disease, which can eventually lead to serious overall health complications.  

Your Bi-Annual Dental Visit with Dr. Della Summers

Our team begins treatment with a detailed, yet gentle inspection of your current dental state, checking for everything regarding the health of your smile. From examining for soft-tissue abnormalities to conducting oral cancer screenings, the dental well-being of you and your loved ones is our top priority.

Dr. Summers has carefully equipped our Kamloops dental office with the latest in dental technology to promote strong communication and honesty throughout your exam. With the use of intraoral cameras and radiographic imaging, we can provide every patient with accurate pictures of their dental environments as well as show you firsthand our possible findings.

Your routine appointment will also involve essential professional cleanings to help remove any plaque buildup on your teeth, which in turn, can help further prevent against decay. Neglection of these preventive measures can contribute towards to the development of oral health complications and are typically the leading cause of advanced tooth decay and periodontal disease. Once dental plaque hardens into tartar, this calculus is almost impossible to properly remove with at-home care. Dr. Summers and her team have the training and knowledge to address these concerns using an in-depth, yet compassionate approach.

During cleanings, we can also provide fluoride treatments, which helps strengthen tooth enamel, protecting against decay. We also keep a sharp eye out for potential periodontal pockets, where gum tissue has been separated from teeth due to an overabundance of harmful plaque build-up. If it determined that gum disease is present, more advanced treatments such as scaling and root planing will be recommended.

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Our entire British Columbia team understands that visiting the dentist can have its’ own set of fears and apprehensions, that is why we strive to provide quality dental care services with a compassionate approach. Let us help ensure the long-lasting health, beauty, and function of your smile, contact us today for your comprehensive oral health consultation! 

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